Bear Hunt Spring Bucket List

Push Your Potential For Physical Endurance, Challenging The “Beast” Within, And Increasing The Odds For A Big Trophy Bear.

Mackay Bar Outfitters is now Booking for the 2021 Spring Bear Season

Hunting Spring Bear In The Salmon River Canyons Is A Good Match For The Guy Who Is Fit And Can Climb A Rocky, Snag Riddled Side Of A Canyon.     If this is your kind of hunt, Mackay Bar Outfitters offers just the challenge you seek!

Hunters familiar with bear habitats near Mackay Bar understand that of all places in the world, the versatile color phase bears are especially indigenous to this geographic area along the shores of the Salmon River Back Country in the Frank Church Wilderness.   Blonde bears, tan bears, red or cinnamon bears, and black bears are prolific in this area, and are indicative of the early stages of bear life.   One might observe  bears moving into their adult stages of life where blonde tips of the bears shoulders are the last remnants of their juvenile phase.

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