Getting to our Salmon River Venue

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Mackay Bar Outfitters & Guest Ranch is located in the heart of Idaho, East of Riggins, Idaho where the South Fork of the Salmon flows into the Main Salmon.

The Salmon is also known as The River of No Return.    Idaho’s Salmon River is the longest undammed, free-flowing river contained in a single state in the lower 48 states. Boise, Idaho is the nearest major city.

Part of the excitement of your vacation will be getting to Mackay Bar Ranch! Most of our guests who have confirmed reservations, choose to drive to the boat ramp at Vinegar Creek via Riggins, Idaho and travel by boat to Mackay Bar Ranch.  During the summer months, many of our guests arrive via their own private ATV or UTV. 

Click on the below tabs to find out how to get to Mackay Bar Ranch

Starting in Riggins, Idaho travel across the new concrete bridge heading up the Main Salmon River Road. You will stay on this road traveling 26 miles until you reach Vinegar Creek Boat Ramp – this will be the end of the road – you will follow the main Salmon River the entire way. This road is paved for the first 10 miles. It is a winding 26 miles so please allow yourself 1 to 1 ½  hours. We will be waiting for you at the end of the road – you will continue the rest of your journey to Mackay Bar Ranch via jet boat (about an hour jet boat trip). You can either get to the Ranch via the Mackay Bar Ranch jet boat or your own jet boat!

With prior reservations, summer time offers a great Idaho ATV or UTV ride from the mountain tops in Dixie, ID to Mackay Bar Ranch below on the Salmon River.  Contact us for group reservations and for more details visit our Overnight ATV-In Getaway Package.

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