Buck and Joni Dewey

Buck and Joni Dewey - Your hosts at Mackay Bar

Buck and Joni Dewey purchased Mackay Bar Outfitters & Guest Ranch in December 2012.

Buck, originally from the McCall area, grew up on the Salmon River. His parents, Dave and Chris Dewey – managers at Pistol Creek Ranch on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River – purchased property at Copenhaver along the South Fork of the Salmon River – 1/2 mile from Mackay Bar – when Buck was young.  They built a family cabin there and Buck grew up hunting, fishing, hiking the Salmon River Mountains as well as running the river and also built the foundation of his passion for guiding.

Right out of high school, Buck went to work as a guide for Mackay Bar, for Middle Fork Outfitters on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River, Tim Hull at Hettinger Ranch (South Fork Ranch) on the South Fork of the Salmon , and also Heavens Gate Outfitters out of Riggins Idaho.  Bucks experience as a hunting guide is extensive and a lifelong passion, with an intimate knowledge of the rivers and the backcountry all over Central Idaho, with intimate familiarity with the nooks and crannies along the Salmon River. 

Buck is also a very adept jet boat captain, and is Coast Guard Certified.   His ability to navigate the Salmon River with discipline and familiarity is an important aspect of transporting guests and supplies to and from the shores of Mackay Bar Ranch. 

“The hunting and fishing opportunities are some of he most exceptional you will ever experience”, Buck states excitedly.   “Our Frank Church Wilderness permit area provides remote terrain where lots of big bears, elk, deer, big horn sheep and predators roam and many have never laid eyes on a human.  Thats how special this place is!” Buck added.

Joni, originally from Grangeville, ID, owned and operated a CPA business there. In January of 2017, Joni sold the practice in order for her and Buck to give 100% to Mackay Bar. Growing up, Joni enjoyed hunting with her brother and dad. After spending a lot of time on the Snake River, Joni has come to value and enjoy  the solitude, remoteness, history and beauty of the Salmon River.

Buck and Joni met in 2008 through a mutual friend while mountain lion hunting up Allison Creek on the Salmon River. Seven months later they were married!

Dax, born in 2010, has cut his teeth on Idaho’s backcountry.  He loves the river, boats, planes, hunting, horses, his guns, and most of all . . . to socialize with any little kids who visit Mackay Bar.

Buck and Joni have a home in White Bird but spend the majority of their time at Mackay Bar Ranch, hosting their guests and managing staff and the extensive responsibilities that comes with owning and operating a remote backcountry ranch.

In addition to outfitting, Buck and Joni cater to group events such as weddings, family reunions and corporate retreats where backcountry activities can be planned, menus prepared and an exclusive, private ranch setting on the shores of the Main Salmon River that is unmatched.

We’d love to make your stay at Mackay Bar Outfitters and Guest Ranch one of the most incredible experiences of your lifetime.   Come see us!

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