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Hunting with Mackay Bar Outfitters is likely one of the most versatile bear hunts in North America. We offer 3 different kinds of bear hunts: spot and stalk, bait, and boat and glass. All are very physically demanding but the reward is going on a true Idaho wilderness black bear hunt!  We will always determine what kind of hunting will be done each day based on weather conditions, your physical condition, as well as where we have been seeing bears. 

Our hunt packages include jet boat transportation to/from the Ranch, guides, four wheelers, boats, lodging and meals. Our hunts are 6 day/5 nights giving you ample time to look for the big one and take in several different ways of hunting for them.

You must be in extremely good physical shape to hunt in the steep, rugged Salmon River Mountain canyons that surround us.


May 1-6
May 9-14
May 17-22

In our hunting unit, you can get two bear tags (over-the-counter)
We average an 85% success rate
Our hunting units are especially known for color phase bears.

More information regarding Bear Hunts:

If you do happen to tag out early,  a second bear can be taken in our area (trophy fee applies). Because we hunt in Idaho Wilderness zones, a second bear tag can be purchased in advance at a greatly reduced bear tag fee. We always recommend our hunters purchase a wolf tag. Although we do not actively “hunt” for a wolf, incidental sightings can be common and are always a great bonus when taken during one of our bear hunts!

During each week, we take four hunters at a time. We have two guides for the four hunters. Ideally, if you can arrange a party of four  – you will have the hunt to yourselves. If you are not able to book all four hunt spots, we may, throughout the hunt, have all four hunters together during some days of your hunt. This is common when we spot and stalk from the boat as it is very beneficial to have a boat driver (guide #1) as well as the additional (guide #2) spotting from the boat to cover country. This increases the odds of spotting bears in the steep drainage’s along the river. 

All of our Spring bear hunts take place from our river front lodge on the Salmon River. Day 1 consists of picking you up via jet boat 26 miles east of Riggins Idaho at 10AM. We will continue upriver another 26 miles, arriving at Mackay  Bar Ranch. You will start hunting on day 1 of your hunt. Starting on day 2, we will have breakfast at 5:30 am every morning and take off hunting! Dinner will be served back at the Ranch in the evenings and a sack lunch will be sent with you. Day 6 (last day) will consist of breakfast, packing up and heading back to Vinegar Creek Boat Ramp – arriving around noon. 

  • Boat Transportation to/from the Ranch from Vinegar Creek Boat Ramp (1 hour East of Riggins, Idaho)
  • All means of hunting: horses, baits, boat, spot and stalk
  • Lodging accommodations at our riverfront ranch
  • All meals
  • We take care of purchasing all tags/license on your behalf (using whatever form of payment you choose) and will have them ready for you at the ranch
  • 6 day/5 night hunt
  • 4 person hunts (max number of hunters at the ranch during each week)
  • We can assist with taxidermy and meat transport to a local butcher/taxidermist that we recommend
  • Additional costs would include: bear and wolf tags, Idaho nonresident hunting license, taxidermy, meat processing (if you choose to have meat taken from the field), guide/staff gratuity, and alcohol.

Please note! This is a VERY physically demanding hunt. Prior to accepting any deposits – we will ask you the following questions in order to screen/review if this is the hunt for you:

  1. What is your height/weight/age?
  2. This is a VERY PHYSICALLY DEMANDING hunt. To be successful, 90% of that relies on you being physically capable to get around in our Idaho Wilderness. Straight up and straight down!! If you have bad knees, bad heart, illnesses, or any other ailment that would hinder you to physically perform, THIS HUNT IS NOT FOR YOU. We feel it is very important to make that very clear so that you can mentally and physically prepare for this amazing hunt.
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