The sheer pleasures of hiring Mackay Bar Ranch to host and guide your Bighorn Sheep hunt and to help ensure a successful endgame, can mean the difference between miserably exhaustive and joyfully content.

No person may harvest more than one Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep in Idaho during their lifetime.

So its imperative, in order to make the most of your sheep tag, that you have the ways and means to get around easily in the unit where you’ll hunt, to find the biggest Ram possible.  Covering plenty of ground in the places where Idaho Bighorn Sheep inhabit, can be the biggest challenge a hunter will face when seeking a a prized Ram worthy of a shoot.

If you’re lucky enough to draw a tag for this rare primitive beast, consider the advantages of hiring an outfitter like Mackay Bar Outfitters and Guest Ranch to meet the Ram of your dreams.   

Hunt for Sheep at Mackay Bar Ranch

Thats what avid sportsman Tom Mangold did when he learned that his name was drawn July 2016. Out of all people who purchased a tag in Idaho, he realized with this once in a lifetime opportunity to add a Bighorn Sheep to his long list of hunts, he’d better make the most of it.

“This hunt wouldn’t have been possible without a jet boat, and furthermore, the low water levels in the Salmon River during the fall season make it absolutely essential that a jet boat operator or guide, is familiar with the river and the rocks as we traverse up and down the river” Mangold mentioned, when I spoke with him about his successful sheep hunt as a guest of Mackay Bar Ranch.   Mangold keeps himself well conditioned for the rugged terrain he covers in any hunt, whether he’s in Alaska, British Columbia, Idaho or elsewhere.   He explained that covering the amount of ground necessary to spot a big Ram requires mobility.  “We hunted hard every day and met with all kinds of weather from sunshine to rain as we continuously glassed the draws above the Upper Salmon River to spot the big Ram I had my heart set on shooting”,  Mangold shared.


Mackay Bar Outfitters and Guest Ranch, tucked on the shores of the Salmon River in the Frank Church Wilderness,  offers sportsmen the chance to experience a lifetime adventure with “perks”  as an option to the rugged and often exhausting “DIY” or solo hunt.    Imagine comfortable, stylish accommodations with private bathroom to come home to at the end of a long day of glassing and hunting. Add delicious home cooked hot meals to that list of perks, to keep your energy sustained, and your tastebuds very happy, as well as a cozy Main Lodge where evening gatherings in front of our big fireplace, are ripe with laughter and tales of the day.   The sheer pleasures of hiring Mackay Bar Ranch to host your Bighorn Sheep hunt and to help ensure a successful endgame, can mean the difference between miserably exhaustive and joyfully content.

Tom Mangold expressed his delight as a guest of Mackay Bar Ranch: “They treated me like gold every day and I really enjoyed booking my Bighorn Sheep hunt with Mackay Bar Ranch”.

Mackay Bar Ranch is situated in Hunt Area 19 which takes in part of 14 and 20.

If you put in for the Idaho Bighorn Sheep Lottery/Raffle, and would like to experience a hunt designed for optimum conditions, where you can forget about the stress and fuss of hauling extra camp gear, food and water and other supplies as well as the challenges of covering lots of ground, contact Mackay Bar Ranch  to inquire about ensuring an enjoyable hunt with MAXIMUM time devoted to glassing for the biggest Ram possible to make your best shot.

Idaho Wild Sheep Foundation has been hosting the lottery since 1992.

Funds from the Idaho Bighorn Sheep Raffle are used for the benefit and enhancement of bighorn sheep in Idaho.

The mission of Idaho Wild Sheep Foundation is to enhance wild sheep populations in Idaho, and with partners in adjacent states, for public enjoyment, education, and fair chase hunting; to promote professional wildlife management, and protect sportsmen’s rights.

Find out more about a Bighorn Sheep Hunt with Idaho Fish and Game

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