Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep permit application season is in April and the hunts take place in the fall.  If you are lucky enough to have drawn one of these controlled hunts, we would be happy to guide you on your once-in-a-lifetime hunt opportunity.

The majority of our sheep hunts are a combination of hike and spot/stalk from the jet boat. We will spend our time in the boat glassing for the big ram. Once we spot him we may have to strap on the boots and cover some very rough country. If you are willing to pass up some 160 /170 class rams, there is a chance you can harvest one of the record book rams that hang in the cliffs of our wonderful Salmon River canyon. We would say this hunt is as close to a guaranteed hunt as you can find on public ground.

At A Glance

  • Rocky Mtn Bighorn sheep application is in April and the hunts take place in the Fall
  • Only 6 permits are given in the 2 units we hunt
  • See below for Hunt “Put In” info with the Idaho Fish & Game
  • Please contact the Idaho Fish & Game if you have any questions regarding the application and draw process.

Details regarding Idaho Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep Draw:

Hunters must apply for controlled hunt from 4/1-4/30 online or in an Idaho Fish & Game office (we cannot do this for you). Hunts are extremely remote and would require jet boat or stock access.

  • Put in for hunt #5002 (hunt unit 19 – 4 tags drawn) 
  • Or hunt #5003 (hunt unit 19A – 2 tags drawn)
  • Drawing results will be in early June
  • Please call Idaho Fish and Game for assistance with application fee & process 800-554-8685

Contact us ASAP if you are chosen for the tag to claim your spot! We only take one hunter per year due to our other Fall big game hunts as well as our steelhead season during that time frame. A jet boat will be needed for for our main area due to the remoteness of the land. 

Please note! This is a VERY physically demanding hunt. Prior to accepting any deposits – we will ask you the following questions in order to screen/review if this is the hunt for you:

  1. What is your height/weight/age?
  2. This is a VERY PHYSICALLY DEMANDING hunt. To be successful, 90% of that relies on you being physically capable to get around in our Idaho Wilderness. Straight up and straight down!! If you have bad knees, bad heart, illnesses, or any other ailment that would hinder you to physically perform, THIS HUNT IS NOT FOR YOU. We feel it is very important to make that very clear so that you can mentally and physically prepare for this amazing hunt.
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