Summer Vacation is the highlight of warm weather season!

And it’s made even more wonderful when we engage in a family reunion gathering someplace fun, different and exciting!

Part of gathering together as a family unit is to spend QUALITY TIME with each member of the family, or catch up with our adult siblings, their spouses, and their children. Its an opportune time to for everyone to catch up and where the children and grandchildren get to spend time with their cousins, siblings, grandma and grandpa.

A family reunion gathering offers all members of the family the chance to create new experiences together, and those experiences become treasured memories that last a lifetime. Sharing those memories of times together have the capacity to reinforce the foundations of our important family values. For many, these summer vacations, designed to gather the extended family and reunite everyone together, become the most cherished highlights of life itself and establish family bonds that warm the heart and soul.

Traditionally, women have carried the batton when it comes to planning family vacations.

Fun Family ActivitiesNo matter who is the breadwinner in the family, its typically women in the family group, taking on the task of tackling details and coordinating with different family members. No matter where the family lands for summer vacation, there is the process of identifying potential destinations, gathering of the details, researching reviews, asking questions, and working out the travel logistics. [ Check out our five star Trip Advisor Reviews ].

Frankly, whether renting a time share, going to the beach at some coastal location, camping in the great outdoors, or visiting national parks, the women shoulder alot of the footwork. From grocery shopping, to apparel shopping, to making lists of supplies needed, there is a lot of planning that goes into making a family vacation a reality. And largely women are the keepers of all those details. We get ‘er done.

In the majority of cases, as chief planners and coordinators, though, even when that task is behind us, and we finally arrive at the vacation destination, in many cases the real hard work begins. Ugh! Somebody has to do it. The unloading and setting up of supplies, the prep and cooking of meals, the cleaning up after each meal. Let’s face it girls, even when circulating the team work, it’s not only exhausting, but if we’re on vacation and we’re slaving away to keep it all moving forward, we’re really not able to maximize the opportunity to really relax and spend quality time with the individual members of a family group. Begrudgingly, its still fun, but …..

At Mackay Bar Ranch, we can help you to an extent with the pre-planning by answering questions and guiding you in the task of travel logistics, but once you’re here at our Idaho wilderness family resort, moms, grammas, aunts, sisters are liberated! There are no burdens to shoulder on a day-to-day basis. We take care of it all!

Mackay Bar Ranch offers an exclusive oasis to enjoy your family group in the beautiful Idaho wilderness, with fun activities that are totally different from anything you might have ever experienced in the past, and where everything is done for you. Our staff handles all of food oriented tasks, from preparing the meals, setting up the dining room or outdoor pavilion, serving the meals, cleaning up after the meals and tidying up your private room or cabin.

Girls, at Mackay Bar Ranch we pamper your ability to celebrate family from start to finish (except, well maybe, when it comes to dressing the kids and drawing their baths – LOL). This is your time, every bit as much as every other member of the family.

As guests of this exclusive ranch on the shores of the Salmon River, you’ll enjoy an “all inclusive family vacation” in a picturesque, meticulously groomed setting, staffed to accommodate your family group in pampered comfort. We prepare delicious, hot, home cooked meals using fresh produce and quality cuts of meat. Each of our beautifully decorated private cabins and private rooms include private bathrooms and hot running water.

Activities we host include:

Historical jet boat tours and numerous other activities like fishing, swimming, hiking, or just sitting on the white sandy beach to catch up with each other, read a sizzling good book or enjoy a nap. There’s horseback riding and yard games to bring out the competition among family members. The kids can laugh and play together, form new relationships and work out all their energies together. What a joy it is to witness their smiles, excitement and new perspectives, not to mention the stories they get to share with friends when they return home.

What adults and youngsters alike, WILL NOT BE FOCUSED ON, is digital devices.

This remote location in the Frank Church “River of No Return” Wilderness has no cellular signal. (Note: we maintain a satellite phone for emergencies that is very reliable for both incoming and outgoing emergency calls.)

Mackay Bar Ranch on the Salmon River is a place where everyone puts down their devices and connects with each other on a purely human level. Conversations and sharing special times together become focused moments that generate the collective family memories we all celebrate, above all else. And in addition, the women of the group enjoy the experience, the relaxation of mind and body, and feeling of exhilaration and refreshment that “vacations” are designed to bring about.

If a unique, wilderness experience at a family resort destination like Mackay Bar Ranch sounds like the destination your family group is seeking, please reach out to us via our guest email form or by calling us through our wifi phone at 208-965-8355 or cell at 208-413-2109.     We look forward to helping you to plan your summer family vacation and treating you to a pampered environment where men, women and children all enjoy fun times together!


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