They’re Full of Vigor!

Salmon River Winter Steelhead season starts mid February through the end of March!  

Periodic Sunshine and intermingled warmer days,  mean the steelhead come out of their deep dark river holes and are bursting with energy!

First the ice breaks up on the Salmon River.  When chunks of ice and snow drift about in the river, the steelhead below the surface begin to slip out of their deep pockets.  Just like us humans, after a solid slumber, they feel frisky and alive as the bright light promotes a vibrant and rejuvenating spirit.   Imagine the exhilaration of hooking one of these zingers.Group Fishing Trip at Mackay Bar

Women With Bait are also fishing on the Salmon River out of Riggins, Idaho, a tournament that opens February 1st.   Its an annual bookmark for women who love the sport of Salmon River winter steelhead fishing.  The event is a several weeks long economic boost for Riggins in the cold season.  During the summer whitewater rafting season, Riggins becomes a mecca for whitewater rafters.

MACKAY BAR RANCH caters to Corporate Groups!

Camaraderie among you and your colleagues is just the tip of the iceberg when the poles bow to the call of “FISH ON” and the fight to land your trophy begins.


Mackay Bar Outfitters and Guest Ranch is the best getaway location for groups fishing in the Frank Church Wilderness!  We jet boat you and your pals from Vinegar Creek Boat Launch up the historic and rugged Salmon River Canyon to an oasis of scenic beauty and pampered comfort. Get settled, enjoy our home cooked meals and our stylish comfortable accommodations  and get ready for some catching.

We offer group rates and package deals with lots of fringe benefits that you won’t find elsewhere.

Not only do guests get in maximum fishing time on the river with our guides, we’ll pick you up in our jet boats at Vinegar Creek (near Riggins, ID) and return you at the close of your fishing adventure!

We offer warm meals, cozy accommodations, friendly guides, all the fishing tackle you need, and breathtaking views while you sit in our cozy lodge in front of a warm fire, after a long successful day of fishing on the Salmon River.  Thats what we call a Pampered Fishing Adventure.   (Course you can bait your own hook if you really want to.)


Whether you’ve got a group of friends or planning a corporate outing for performing managers or valued customers of your company, give us a shout to reserve your Main Salmon River backcountry wilderness Winter Steelhead Fishing adventure.   If you are feeling adventurous, you can fly into the ranch earlier and we can fish UNTOUCHED waters right from the ranch before the ice completely melts,  down below closer to Riggins. .

Mackay Bar Ranch fishing trips are hosted out of our beautiful Salmon River ranch, cozied up on the shores of the Frank Church “River of No Return” Wilderness.  Any time of the day or night you feel, experience and see the rich beauty and the peaceful vibrance of nature and the sounds of a mighty river flowing by.  Entering the Frank Church “River of No Return” Wilderness area is like entering the enchanted forest.

Multi-day fishing adventures in beautiful wilderness areas make the most treasured memories.


Especially in the summer…. Mackay Bar Ranch can arrange the staff and facilities to fish as many people as you want to bring!  Large and small groups are welcome.    We’ll customize any fishing trips to satisfy  “best adventure” rankings for you and your group.

For an exquisite fly fishing adventure on the South Fork of the Salmon River, we can get you into waters where there is virtually no human foot print.

Our fishing trips also offer the perfect opportunity to bring your family too, and experience an action-packed Salmon River vacation!  Dad, brother, son, grandpa, favorite nephews, uncles, and even the moms, sisters, daughters, aunts and grandmothers who love outdoor adventures on the river.  You and your family will experience fishing like never before. 



Please view our RATES page for our prices

Cell phones and internet are unavailable at Mackay Bar Ranch.

Guests tend to connect on a human level over our meal times, in front of a warm fire in the lodge, or sitting out on the beach under the stars.   Sharing the days challenges, victories and swapping stories amongst each other are some of the best times had.

Contact us to schedule best dates for your steelhead fishing adventure.

We look forward to helping you to create a magical and fun filled adventure in the Frank Church “River of No Return” Wilderness.



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