Our 2020 Salmon River Winter Steelhead Fishing Season Is Here!

Depending on how winter weather impacts the river,  chunks of ice and snow drift can be seen floating by on the surface of the mighty Salmon River.   That’s when steelhead below the surface begin to slip out of their deep pockets and get LIVELY!  Just like us humans, after a cold winters nap we feel rested and invigorated.  Similarly, the Steelhead feel frisky and ready for feeding as the bright sunlight promotes a vibrant and rejuvenated energy.    Imagine the adrenaline of hooking into one of these big guys!

Periodic sunshine intermingled with warmer days means the fish are bursting with energy.  It’s an exciting sport as rods bend and we excitedly call out:  “FISH ON”!

Early Spring Steelhead Fishing

Mackay Bar Outfitters & Guest Ranch is now Booking for the Late Winter, Early Spring Steelhead Season!

Select from These Available Dates Still Open:

  1. Monday 2/24 to Wednesday 2/26 – 2 nights
  2. Thursday 2/27 to Friday 2/28 – 1 night
  3. Friday 2/28 to Sunday 3/1 – 2 nights
  4. Sunday 3/1 to Tuesday 3/3 – 2 nights

Hurry, reservations for the above dates are on a first come, first reserved basis.   Give us a call or use our Book Now form to reserve your exciting 2020 Steelhead Fishing adventures at Mackay Bar Ranch on the River of No Return. 

Steelhead fishing on the Salmon River with Mackay Bar Ranch

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