Salmon River ATV & Jet Boat Tour
June 10-12 2022

ABOUT this event:

This event covers two wildernesses, two exciting modes of adventure and two levels of elevation! Unload your personal UTV or ATVs  in Dixie, ID and depart on an exciting summer adventure into the heart of Idaho’s backcountry! You will make your way through the Gospel Hump Wilderness Corridor by and transcend down into the Salmon River Canyon to arrive at the historic Mackay Bar Ranch along the River of No Return’s shores. Enjoy luxury accommodations, meals, a full day jet boat tour into the Wild Section of the Frank Church Wilderness along the Salmon River, history, and a good time

UTV/ATV & Jet Boat through TWO of Idaho's Wildernesses!

"This trip is adventurous, educational and unlike any other weekend getaway you typically get to do with your ATV's! Idaho is so unique in that it holds multiple wilderness segments, public land access, and grandfathered ranches and homesteads (as well as backcountry airstrips) that the public is still allowed to venture through via jet boat. Explore whats in your own backyard - all in one adventure packed weekend with awesome accommodations!
Joni Dewey

June 10 2022

Unload your personal ATVs or side-by-sides in the historic Dixie, ID and ride the 26 mile FS#222 road from the mountain peaks along the Gospel Hump Wilderness Area to the Frank Church “River of No Return” Salmon River Wilderness down below. Enjoy two nights lodging, all meals and a full day jet boat tour once at Mackay Bar. Get to know your own backyard!

June 11 2022

Today will be an exciting journey! After enjoying breakfast at Mackay Bar, we will reload the jet boats and continue upriver to Campbells Ferry Homestead. Stops include: Buckskin Bills, Painter Mine, Reho Wolfe’s Place, China Bar, and Campbells Ferry. We will cover 30 miles of river today (round trip). A sack lunch will be provided. Dinner and social hour back at Mackay Bar Ranch to follow . . . 

JUne 12 2022

After a warm breakfast at the Lodge at Mackay Bar, the group will reload the ATVs and side-by-sides and venture the 26 mile journey back to Dixie – departing the Ranch around 10 am. You can travel with the group or venture on your own. 

UTV/ATV To Mackay Bar &get to Know your Idaho Wilderness

Visit your own backyard! Idaho’s multiple wilderness’s and rivers holds nooks and crannies to explore! Beautiful accommodations and homemade meals all add to it! Treat yourself, your parents, or your loved ones to an exciting and once in a lifetime opportunity!

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