Salmon River Lodges & Legacies Jet Boat Tour

ABOUT this event:

May 25-27, 2024
(Memorial Day Weekend)

For those of you who have seen the Idaho Public TV special: Salmon River Lodges & Legacies, you will be sure to enjoy our exciting new Special Event: Salmon River Lodges & Legacies Jet Boat Tour! This event is your chance to relive this well known TV special with your own eyes! Explore over 72 miles (roundtrip) of the Main River of No Return – Wild River Section. 

Salmon River Lodges & Legacies - a part of history

"This River of No Return and the Frank Church Wilderness holds treasures - take a journey back in time to when prospectors and homesteaders carved out a living in this remote, rugged, isolated canyon. Where Lewis & Clark turned around - you will continue to go into the deep rocky canyon walls that hold stories of determined individuals that made this place their home."
Joni Dewey

may 25 2024

We will pick you up at Vinegar Creek Boat Ramp – 26 miles East of Riggins, ID at Noon MST. Enjoy stops such as Shepp Ranch (subject to availability), Buckskin Bills Museum and Mackay Bar. Once settled at Mackay Bar, we will explore history and days gone by of the River. Dinner and lodging accommodations will be provided. Over 26 miles of river will be explored today. 

may 26 2024

Today will be an exciting journey! After enjoying breakfast at Mackay Bar, we will reload the jet boats and continue upriver to Campbells Ferry. Stops include: Painter Mine, Reho Wolfe’s homestead, China Bar, and  Campbells Ferry. We will cover 56 miles of river today. A sack lunch will be provided. Dinner and social hour back at Mackay Bar Ranch to follow . . . 

may 27 2024

After a warm breakfast at the Lodge at Mackay Bar, we will return to Vinegar Creek Boat Ramp. We will stop along the River at James Ranch and Polly Bemis Ranch – arriving back to Vinegar Creek Boat Ramp at Noon. We will cover 26 miles of river today (one-way).

Salmon River Lodges & Legacies Jet Boat Tour

The best way to enjoy the river is by jet boat! Beautiful accommodations and homemade meals all add to it! Treat yourself, your parents, or your loved ones to an exciting, once in a lifetime opportunity!

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