Photo from our 1st Annual Wilderness Weapons Retreat – April 2019

If you tuned Into the Discovery Channel's Recent "River of No Return" series that aired this fall, You may have been captivated by the stunning scenery and stories shared.

Idaho's Salmon River & surrounding Wilderness inspired So many viewers who reached out to us With Plans to Experience This magical wilderness For themselves.

Knowing this, here’s an idea we wanted to share that may offer the perfect opportunity to get your first taste of the “River of No Return” with a nice Friday, Saturday, Sunday weekend getaway!  Or, perhaps you’re racking your brain for new and unique gift ideas to put under the tree.  It could be a family member who loved watching the “River of No Return” Discovery Channel Series or even a top sales person you’d like to delight with a very special bonus during the holidays. 

We’re now booking and reserving for our 2nd Annual Wilderness Weapons Retreat, scheduled for April 24th-26th, 2020.  We’ve got limited slots and we go with first come first served to be fair.  So hurry and get your questions answered if this interests you. 

Last year the weather was sunny and cool, and all guests had a blast (pun intended)!  Here are a few things to sweeten the imagination with more details available in the button below.  

This Wilderness Weapons Weekend offers an unforgettable adventure that includes a 52 mile round trip Salmon River “River of No Return” jet boat tour, a full day of weapons training and of course Mackay Bar Ranch’s signature hot meals & stylish accommodations.

Small groups are perfect so plan to bring a friend or a group of friends or join us on your own.   

American Freedom Defense presents an awesome Saturday of firearms training, with some indoor sessions and plenty of action on the firing rang.   This is an event that is not only fun, but offers very practical real world training for those perhaps have never received proper training on handling weapons.   Jim and Amy Gorges delight and educate as they team up to get you up to speed on weapons training or even just to refresh what you already know.

WHO IS IT FOR:  Men and Women

HANDGUN 1 ENHANCED: Taking Handgun 1 gives you the necessary training for an Idaho enhanced concealed carry permit, as well as an Oregon concealed carry permit. Upon your completion of the class, you will be given all necessary paperwork to receive your enhanced concealed weapons permit through the state of Idaho. 

We’ve outlined all the EXTRA details that you can follow in the button below. 

If this special event doesn’t fit your interest, we invite you to click our Spring and Summer Group Stays link in the menu above to find information on other Special Events or Getaway Packages depending on your group size.   

For now we’d like to wish you and yours a joyous holiday season.  

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