Mackay Bar Ranch has something super special planned for the month of April 2019.

Join us for an unforgettable event in April 2019 for a 52 mile round trip Salmon River jet boat tour, a full day of weapons training and of course Mackay Bar Ranch’s signature hot meals & stylish accommodations. Plan to bring a friend or a group of friends or join us on your own.   This weapons retreat will prove to be an insightfully fun and constructive training course to get you up to speed on your weapons skills or just to refresh what you already know.

WHAT:  Wilderness Weapons Retreat

WHEN:  Friday, Saturday & Sunday, April 26th thru 28th, 2019

FOR:  Men and Women

CLASS: Handgun 1 Enhanced. Taking Handgun 1 gives you the necessary training for an Idaho enhanced concealed carry permit, as well as an Oregon concealed carry permit. Upon your completion of the class, you will be given all necessary paperwork to receive your enhanced concealed weapons permit through the state of Idaho. During the range portion, you must qualify with an 85% score on the Handgun 1 qualification course to advance to all other handgun classes. To view all states that acknowledge Idaho’s Enhanced Concealed Weapons Permit (all but 10) view here.

COST FOR THE EVENT: $845 per person all inclusive:   pays for jet boat transport to and from boat launch, lodging, meals, activities as well as the $100 fee for the class.

MATERIALS FOR WEAPONS COURSE:  Guests supply their own firearms and ammo.


Friday, April 26th:  Noon (MST) Jet boat pickup at Vinegar Creek Boat Ramp on the Salmon River Road.  A historical jet boat tour on Friday where you get to enjoy the beauty and landscapes of the upper Salmon River plus stops to discover stories about the pioneers who settled along the Salmon River in days gone by.   Bring drinks and snacks during the jet boat tour.   Our highly rated hot meals will be served at dinner.
Saturday, April 27th:  All day Weapons class (8 hour) to learn handling and proper use of your firearm.  Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner served.
Sunday, April 28th:  Relax, enjoy breakfast, take a morning walk.  We will board the jet boats and return you to Vinegar Creek Boat Launch at noon.


You will need to bring a handgun weapon for the training course.   Also very important, you are required to bring hearing and eye protection, closed toed shoes, and a holster that fits securely on your waistband. A belt for your holster is highly recommended.  Also bring 250 rounds of ammunition for live training.


The Wilderness Weapon Retreat is a  Handgun 1 Class (no prerequisite) that will cover all the gun basics needed to develop a strong foundation to begin shooting and the skills necessary to continue on to more advanced weapon training. 
Handgun 1 will cover:

  • safety, including the 4 basic safety rules
  • Marksmanship
  • Pistol manipulation/handling, reloads
  • pistol fighting/close quarters combat
  • Basic malfunctions
  • Mental conditioning
  • Use of force/liability


Jim & Amy Gorges
American Freedom Defense, LLC

Please send us an email or give us a call (Mackay Bar Ranch) to ask questions and reserve your slot.

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