The Frank Church Wilderness Wedding Bells rang throughout the summer season at Mackay Bar Ranch.

The melodies of love, loyalty and togetherness sing through the hills, ridges, trees and canyons whenever we celebrate the ceremony of a group of guests, on behalf of a couple, ready to tie the knot.

And thats what Bill and Dena wanted to experience at Mackay Bar Ranch when they chose to celebrate their love and wedding vows, among close friends.

Bill and Dena both love the outdoors.  They love the peaceful nurturing that the wilderness and their outdoor adventures provide,  to feed their souls.   So it only made sense that Mackay Bar Ranch was the venue of choice for their special ceremony.

Wedding Celebrations at Salmon River VenueSo this summer, July 2016, Bill and Dena tied the knot at Mackay Bar Ranch.   

As captured in the video above, Bill and Dena’s beautifully orchestrated ceremony was rich in all of the textures and fancies, bells and whistles, and the grandeur that any couple tying the knot might experience in any cathedral.  In Bill and Dena’s case, they were surrounded by dear friends and family, and the colorful hues of their 360 degree backdrop in the Frank Church “River of No Return” Wilderness on the magical shores of Mackay Bar Ranch.

Does the wilderness call yours & your finance’s names when seeking the most special venue to ring your wedding bells in 2017 or beyond?  Check out our Backcountry Weddings Destination info for planning.

Call us or submit your inquiry and tentative dates to ensure that your best wedding date is reserved for you and your group of friends and family,  and no one else.

Nurture and cloak the treasured memories of your special day, celebrated at Mackay Bar Ranch, your premier wilderness destination and lodging venue on the Salmon River.

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