Mackay Bar Outfitters invites deer hunters to take a look at this rare opportunity!

This late hunt doesn’t exist in very many places, which makes it a highly sought after hunt for adventure bound hunters desiring to kill a big mule deer during the rut.

We offer a late season mule deer hunt hosted from our backcountry lodge on the Salmon River for the following dates:

  1. October 22nd to October 26th
  2. October 27th to October 31st
  3. November 6th to November 10th
  4. November 11th to November 15th

Most general season rifle mule deer hunts are closed the 1st of November.   But at Mackay Bar Ranch, we’ll be hunting for the next two weeks after the general season closes.  There aren’t very many places in Idaho where you can hunt for mule deer in the full rut.

All of our hunts are tailored for 2 hunters with 1 guide.

Mackay Bar Ranch keeps a small jet boat in the river, dedicated to your mule deer hunt so that we can maneuver up and down the drainages where the mule deer can be seen moving to or from the river. We also use horses to navigate the steep Salmon River mountains. Hikes from the waters edge of the Salmon River, up into the steep rocky canyons means all hunters should be well conditioned for extreme terrain.

Rare opportunity for late season mule deer huntDue to the remoteness of our backcountry, we kill bucks over 180 which is a very respectable mule deer. It’s common that you can kill a Salmon River 24″ 4×4 buck, and anything over that is a surprise animal. We target big nice mature bucks, at a 4 point minimum, which is anywhere over four and five year bucks.

Remote Wilderness Hunts PLUS Home Cooked Meals, Hot Showers, Comfortable Beds

Our late season mule deer hunts will get you into the real remote Idaho wilderness.

But the really cool thing with our mule deer hunt is that you do have all the amenities of Mackay Bar Ranch at your disposal, while still being able to hunt the remote back country with horses and jet boats and return at the end of the day for hot, home cooked meals, hot showers and stylish, comfortable accommodations.

Idaho Fish and Game’s annual big game controlled hunt application period began May 1 and ends June 5th.

Hunters who wish to reserve a NOVEMBER late season mule deer hunt with Mackay Bar Outfitters are required to apply for the big game controlled hunt for the November hunts, however, the draw is unlimited.   Apply for the big game controlled hunt BEFORE the deadline of June 5th.

The late season mule deer hunts, as mentioned, are highly sought after,  so if you have interest in reserving this late October/November hunt, be sure to jump on it.    Give us a call to confirm your preferred hunt dates (and to make sure the date you want is available)  and visit the Idaho Fish and Game website for big game controlled hunts to line up your big game controlled hunt license and tags. Find more information at

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