When we entertain guests at Mackay Bar Ranch, the bonds of friendship and watershed experiences can be engaging both in mind and spirit, and held close,  as a clustered gem of humor and great memories.

Those fond memories often extend to our very personable clan of four legged residents that have made their home at Mackay Bar Ranch, either by random events or as a purposeful presence to support our outfitter services.

Mackay Bar Ranch - Salmon River Backcountry Venue

So, as we usher in a new Summer Season at Mackay Bar Ranch,  and repeat guests as well as first time guests enjoy time spent in our slice of wilderness heaven, we thought it might be as good a time as any to give credit where credit is due.   Many of these four legged pets are a big part of family vacations and fond memories.   Of course, as pets, they really do play a big role in our own family story, and we wanted to share these characters of days gone by, at Mackay Bar Ranch.

As a side note, we’d like to invite you to tag and share photos you might have buried away in your phone or camera, of any of these furry friends, on your social media accounts.

We’ll be featuring all guest shared photos (through the magic of hashtag feeds)  as we introduce  new web based photo galleries at Mackay Bar Ranch.   So get ready to share your photos and we’ll do the tricky part, by utilizing technology to create feeds from Instagram and Facebook.

This is how you share your photos so that they’ll appear with other guest photos, through the magic of hashtags.

Let’s start with posting general scenery or activities from your time spent at Mackay Bar Ranch.

On instagram as well as facebook, just tag your photo post with hashtag:    #mackaybarranch

To add another layer of segmentation, share photos of any of these characters mentioned below  by just including the hashtags representing their name.   We’ve indicated each hashtag below.  If you post the name of one of our four legged creatures, be sure to include #mackaybarranch.   Using this easy and simple tagging function on YOUR PUBLIC SOCIAL MEDIA account will enable our webmaster to setup the functionality on our website to segment photos in our up and coming social sharing feeds.   We think it’ll be a kick and offers a fun way to celebrate good times spent at Mackay Bar Ranch!


Here’s the line up of four-legged friends that many of you have known and adored:

Bacon – Our old mule that got ringbone  (a horseman’s term for osteoarthritis, or bony arthritis). Bacon was like a dog and was as round as he was wide.  #bacon #mackaybarranch

Dobber  – Our beloved old hound dog traveled the country side and everybody was his friend. He had spinal meningitis when he was young so he lost his speed.  Dobber was an excellent cougar hunting dog.  He died from falling off a cliff,  chasing a bear.  #dobber #mackaybarranch

Tank – Our old hound dog that “had a front shoulder blown out”.  He was the best and fastest bear and cougar dog. Lived out his years,  after blowing his shoulder out,  around the ranch and under the dinner table.   He continued his daily task of running off  small bears and bobcats away from the ranch, where he happily got his “hound dog fix”.   #tank #mackaybarranch

Frank – Frank was a hefty Maine coon cat that we found back at Mackay Bar prior to even becoming owners of Mackay Bar Ranch.    He was more like  a dog and made numerous trips up/down the river,  to and from town.   In his elder years, due to his feline old age, Frank had to be given pills and wet food daily.   He managed to escape the hounds and in the end Frank and Tank became friends.  #frank  #mackaybarranch

Tonto – We will always remember Tonto as a glorious mule that died too early.  #tonto #mackaybarranch

Big Red – A tall “gazelle” looking red mule that would carry a kick to strike anything! He was nice if you were in front of him. LOL!  #bigred #mackaybarranch

In future articles, we’ll cover our current profile of beloved animals that live among us at Mackay Bar Ranch.

If you’d like to post a photo or two of any of the above four legged friends, be sure to include their hashtag (name of pet) combined with #mackaybarranch so that your memories will be included in our social galleries.


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