You and your fiance are now Engaged and Seeking a Wedding Venue That Combines Adventure and Outdoors.

Adventurous weddings

Choosing A Destination where you'll exchange your "i do's" is a super exciting decision.

Mackay Bar Ranch is among the Best Kept Secrets & the most celebrated adventure Wedding destinations in Idaho.

We are familiar with the notion, that for the adventurous at heart, a typical fairytale wedding with hordes of your parents friends in attendance is beautiful and charming, but your wedding day should represent the magic and love that exists between you and the person you will spend a lifetime with.  With all due respect, the traditional church wedding  just doesn’t seem to fit your vision of the most exciting and romantic day of your lives.  It’s time for new traditions!

Mackay Bar Ranch offers an all inclusive wedding package!

Not only can family and friends enjoy the escape to a destination that thrills and inspires all in attendance, but our unique wilderness venue allows for everyone to gather and witness the love and romance of your wedding ceremony, sharing in the essence of fun outdoor adventures and the beauty of nature as your stunning backdrop.   No green screen required and all creature comforts included.  

A remote Central Idaho location accessible by jet boat, Mackay Bar Ranch  whisks you and your wedding party 27 miles up river, to the shores of our magical oasis.  Our venue is most certainly off the beaten path, nestled along the shores of Idaho’s Salmon River, and embraced deep within the Frank Church “River of No Return” Wilderness.  It’s a location that presents to a bride and groom what can perhaps be considered as the “QUINTESSENTIAL ADVENTUROUS WEDDING” location.

To exchange your most precious wedding vows to each other  as guests of Mackay Bar Ranch,  is quite possibly the most romantic metaphor to have and to hold as treasured memories that will last through the days of your lives together.

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