Greetings from Mackay Bar Outfitters!

We hope your New Year has gotten off to a great start.

Have you heard about our Wilderness Weapons Retreat scheduled  April 26th, 27th and 28th?

For those interested in Mackay Bar Ranch’s Special Events – this one is sure to be a WEEKEND of ADVENTURE & FUN.  We have openings still available!


Your Wilderness Adventure starts on Friday when we pickup guests at Vinegar Creek Boat Ramp on the Salmon River (26 miles East of Riggins ID), for a 26 mile jet boat ride into the Frank Church Wilderness on the Salmon River.  Now that is pure adventure, in itself.    We’ll stop at Polly Bemis Ranch along the way for historical enrichment and interesting artifacts taking you back to the Idaho Gold Rush days.   Your next stop will be Mackay Bar Ranch – where we’ll get unloaded and settled in, and plan what’s next.    We’ll jump back on the jet boats and head further up river for additional landmarks and historical sites to explore.  After dinner we may have a bonfire on the beach and chill.

The Saturday portion of our weekend retreat at Mackay Bar Ranch includes a full 8 hour weapons training course that qualifies attendees for an IDAHO ENHANCED concealed weapons permit (CWP) as well as Oregon’s permit.   

If you are interested in obtaining your Idaho concealed carry permit or if you already have your concealed carry permit, we want to arm you with some insights about the  IDAHO ENHANCED CONCEALED CARRY.  It means you’re good to carry for ALL but ten states!  Many Idahoans already have a concealed weapons permit, but an ENHANCED gives you that much more flexibility when traveling,  as more states reciprocate Idaho’s law and acknowledge it.

To view all states that acknowledge Idaho’s Enhanced Concealed Weapons Permit (all but 10) click here.

Firearms Training for Concealed Weapons Permit Qualifications.Additionally, you can visit American Freedom Defense’s website where you’ll find more details of the weapons course and your instructor.  Be sure to reference the Handgun 1 Class.

Why not combine a little practical skill enhancement with a wilderness experience that offers unforgettable scenery,  jet boat adventure, delicious hot home cooked meals and stylish comfortable accommodations all equipped with private bathrooms and hot showers.

You’ll experience first hand why so many guests who visit Mackay Bar Ranch are blown away by the special magic that happens here.   Call it a symbiotic relationship between humans and nature, but we see it over and over again with guests who are transformed by their experience at Mackay Bar Ranch.

So get signed up for the Mackay Bar Ranch Wilderness Weapons Retreat before it fills up.  Just visit our contact us page or give us a call to make reservations or ask questions.

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WHEN:  Friday, Saturday & Sunday, April 26th thru 28th, 2019

FOR:  Men and Women – no prerequisite

SATURDAY: Handgun 1 Enhanced Course:   Taking Handgun 1 gives you the necessary training for an Idaho enhanced concealed carry permit, as well as an Oregon concealed carry permit. Upon your completion of the class, you will be given all necessary paperwork to receive your enhanced concealed weapons permit through the state of Idaho. During the range portion, you must qualify with an 85% score on the Handgun 1 qualification course to advance to all other handgun classes.

Handgun 1 Class: no prerequisite, will cover:

  • Safety, including the 4 basic safety rules
  • Marksmanship
  • Pistol manipulation/handling, reloads
  • pistol fighting/close quarters combat
  • Basic malfunctions
  • Mental conditioning
  • Use of force/liability

COST FOR THE EVENT: $845 per person all inclusive:   includes jet boat transport to and from boat launch, lodging, meals, jet boat tour as well as the $100 fee for the class.

MATERIALS FOR WEAPONS COURSE:  Guests supply their own firearms and ammo.

We look forward to a fun event that will combine plenty of play time with the weapons course.   Give us a call and get signed up today. 

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