Idaho’s Frank Church saved the best for you!

Joni Fishing at Fall Creek on the South Fork Salmon River
Trout Fishing on the South Fork Salmon River

If you’re savoring the chance for mountain fishing for cutthroat, rainbow and bull trout, or backcountry jet boat fishing for steelhead, savor this:

The best times in life are all about the moment of departure from the real world as you journey toward VACATION!  These are the times when you and buddies, spouse or favorite pal make a beeline to a place like Vinegar Creek on the Salmon River. Your adventure really kicks into high gear when you and friends are whisked away via jet boat, to a place that is out of this world!   Mackay Bar Ranch.

Reserve your group fishing adventure now,  to insure the best dates.  Let the excitement and enthusiasm of your plans carry you forward,  as the days count down to VACATION TIME.   Sooner than you know, you’ll be aboard the Mackay Bar Ranch jet boat in a brisk but soothing ride up river to your home for the next several days or a week.

The Frank Church—River of No Return Wilderness Area is a protected wilderness area in Idaho. It was created in 1980 by the United States Congress and renamed in 1984 as the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness Area in honor of U.S. Senator Frank Church.

At 2.367 million acres (9,580 km2), it is the second largest protected wilderness in the contiguous United States, after Death Valley.[1] Nicknamed “The Frank,” the wilderness protects several mountain ranges, extensive wildlife, and a popular whitewater rafting river: the Salmon River.


Make it happen.   This exclusive patch of backcountry paradise is the perfect spot to enjoy late summer or fall outdoor recreation in comfort and style.   … and Mackay Bar Outfitters and Guest Ranch delivers.

With great hospitality, delicious home cooked food and ruggedly stylish lodging, we’re helping our guests to break records as the most treasured adventure of all time!

We cater to groups, including class reunion groups, military reunion groups, corporate groups, wedding groups, family groups and other travel groups seeking adventure.   We’ll coordinate and craft the perfect fishing getaway for you and your friends or family.

South Fork Salmon River near Mackay Bar Ranch

Pristine Fly Fishing.  Catch and Release Zen.   Late Summer Water Levels.   

If you’re ready to squeeze the most out of August,  Mackay Bar Ranch would love to host your fly fishing group for a private reserve experience.  We’ll take you on horseback into one of the most free flowing wild fish tributaries in the world.  |  #HappySpots.

The South Fork of the Salmon River enjoys an extremely low human footprint.   

Immerse yourself in the backcountry world of the South Fork of the Salmon River nestled in the cozy embrace of the Frank Church “River of No Return” Wilderness.   Here,  the water is so clear and aqua blue, you’ll see the fish before you catch and release.  Its magical.  The fresh scent of mountain pines against the sheer beauty of softly moving waters lulls the senses into a zen like state.  Pristine,   pure conditions make this wilderness venue a true privilege to experience.     The awe of beauty at every glance never wears off and your mobile phone or video can capture the essence of the Frank Church Wilderness for sharing with family and friends back home.

Call us at Mackay Bar Ranch to craft your South Fork of the Salmon River Wilderness fly fishing adventure.



Fall Steelhead Season |  Its a kick.

We fish the Salmon River October 10th through to Thanksgiving Holiday.   Feel the adrenaline boost when you hook a big steelhead!   This backcountry wilderness adventure in the Frank Church “River of No Return” Wilderness area offers the perfect touch for fall recreation and pampered lodging.    Enjoy the camaraderie and charged environment of a fun day of jet boat fishing for Steelhead.  We put you on the fish, and you enjoy the challenge of a successful catch.

After a day of fun and fresh air, you’ll enjoy a rest before dinner and then a  hearty home cooked meal in our Main Lodge where you connect and reflect back on the tales of the day.

Fishing in Idaho in Late Summer and then the Autumn Months of October and November present good times to be had.  

If you enjoy wildlife sightings, Fall Fishing is a GREAT time of year to see BIG RAMS butting heads.   “Hearing the echo of Rams crushing heads together” is a part of our fishing trips that guests REALLY enjoy.

Salmon River Big Horn Sheep

Are you dedicated to making the most out of life?   If yes is the answer, you owe it to yourself and your best friends and family to explore the magic of a fishing adventure with Mackay Bar Outfitters and Guest Ranch.

Contact us and let us help you cross another one off your bucket list.  Rustic Cabin at Mackay Bar

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