When groups visit Mackay Bar Ranch, each member of the group is greeted with warm hospitality and smiles.  

Guests are shown to their private cabins or private rooms in the lodge and come prepared for IDAHO FUN & OUTDOOR ADVENTURE. 

The sheer magnificence of the Frank Church “River of No Return” Wilderness provides the most exquisite backdrop for immaculate grounds and facilities at this private oasis, on the Salmon River near the confluence of the South Fork of the Salmon River,  you’ll find Mackay Bar Ranch.

This well groomed and manicured Idaho wilderness venue is one of America’s most beautiful gems.
Visit Frank Church
Senator Frank Church

Throughout his life, Idaho Senator Frank Church endeavored “to make certain that generations of Americans yet unborn will know what it is to experience life on undeveloped, unoccupied land,”[v] and to that end he suggested that everyone take a sleeping bag out to an Idaho mountainside and sleep under the stars.

Mackay Bar Ranch, a guest ranch nestled in the embrace of the Frank Church “River of No Return” Wilderness on the shores of the Salmon River,  is surrounded by thousands of acres of wilderness.   In fact, the Frank Church Wilderness is the second largest wilderness area in the United States, containing 2.4 million acres of rugged mountains, forests and rivers.  It was named after Frank Church who served as a United States Senator from 1957 to 1981.

Back then, a sleeping bag was Senator Church’s idea of a singular necessity when wandering into Idaho backcountry wilderness areas in order to secure some level of warmth and comfort.

Nowadays, our MBR brand of Wild Idaho is enjoyed by guests who prefer to celebrate  its pristine, natural backcountry status, steeped in rich colors, textures and magical landscapes – without “roughing it”.

Our comfortable and very stylish accommodations at Mackay Bar Ranch, deep in the heart of the “River of No Return” Wilderness includes modern amenities such as  private baths, hot showers and delicious home cooked meals.  We cater to our guests every need and approach each guest with warm and friendly welcome.

Whether you visit for a Destination Wedding, a Family Vacation Adventure, a Corporate Fishing Expedition, an Historical Travel Group or as Extreme Hunting and Outfitting Adventurers, Mackay Bar Ranch offers guests the deliberate opportunity to experience thousands of acres of undeveloped land and wilderness while simultaneously enjoying your creature comforts,  delicious edibles and thoroughly enjoyable activities in the heart of Idaho’s gloriously rugged backcountry.

Part of the excitement of your vacation adventure will be getting to Mackay Bar Ranch!

Most of our Guests with confirmed reservations, choose to drive to the boat ramp at Vinegar Creek approximately 22 miles east of Riggins, Idaho.   Our Coast Guard Certified Jet Boat Captain and guides load up your entire group, luggage and all, and provide you with safe “action adventure” passage to the shores of Mackay Bar Ranch.   On the way, you’ll enjoy interesting historical references to the treasured landmarks we can plan to visit such as Polley Bemis Camp, Buckskin Bills, Campbells Ferry and stories of other notorious characters and history that are as much a part of the Salmon River corridor, as the role Senator Frank Church played in reserving Idaho’s wilderness areas, as we travel to your destination, Mackay Bar Ranch.

For one of the most unique Idaho Wilderness retreats in the lower 48 states, Mackay Bar Ranch combines pampered comfort and outdoor adventure, in the more civilized manner Frank Church might have preferred,  after spending one night in his lumpy sleeping bag.

Get ready for your next Summer Season  at Mackay Bar Ranch.

Mackay Bar Jet Boat Excursions

Let us spoil you and your friends or family members with the distinct treasures of Frank Church’s Idaho Backcountry Wilderness.

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