Considering a Backcountry Wedding Venue?
Mackay Bar Ranch Might Be The Quintessential Setting For Your Bridal Event!

Like a first kiss, a brides’ wedding day should be one of the most enchanting events of a lifetime.

… and so too, for your beloved groom & life partner!


As you embark on life together as husband and wife,  you’ll look back on that exquisite day of moments sewn together in a sometimes blurred space in time,  with a flutter in your heart.  Of course that magic filled day is well recorded and commemorated through videos and photo collections, revisiting the smiles and the laughs shared by family and friends well afterwards.    

Even years later,  an impromptu flip through your bridal photo album has the capacity to take you back with treasured memories, all tingles and goosebumps and a swell of the heart revisited, just like you felt on your wedding day.  Thats why its so important to make sure the location of  your special wedding event has received the right amount of thought and consideration.

Does an Idaho Backcountry setting on the magnificent Salmon River fit your personality and values? 

If you’re still not sure, or just getting started – put Mackay Bar Ranch on your list of potential venues by bookmarking our website or LIKE US on Facebook.

Here’s what we think you might want to know ~ and why Mackay Bar Ranch could fit into your plans for the perfect destination wedding venue:

Mackay Bar Ranch is  located on the shores of the Main Salmon River  and nestled in the Frank Church “River of No Return” Wilderness.   Our high quality of guest services cater to group events at this exclusive property where your marital vows will be enriched by the sheer beauty of the magical landscape in Idaho’s backcountry.
Our main lodge, private cabins and private rooms, plus expanded capacity to host larger groups,  offers you a private venue where your family and friends will feel warmly embraced by the amenities we have to offer.   Planning ahead for a wedding at Mackay Bar Ranch will ensure your best dates are available to reserve this private oasis for your group.


Reserving Mackay Bar Ranch offers 3 private cabins and 3 private rooms (each with private bathrooms and of course, hot showers) and also deluxe galloping wall tents to accommodate over 30 guests, depending on the season and combinations of your group.    Our private cabins are newly remodeled  with enough beds available to comfortably sleep up to five persons.    If tent campers are among you, an unlimited number of additional persons can stay on the white sandy beach during warm summer months, to be lulled each night by the sounds of the Salmon river flowing by.  [Get details on accommodations here]


From the moment your entourage of wedding guests arrive, Mackay Bar Ranch will coordinate the timing of events, provide an itinerary to guests and will cater to your every need.   We will plan all snacks and beverages included in your stay, as well as breakfasts,  lunches, and dinners — all determined by the length of your wedding party’s stay.   A rehearsal dinner, preparations for the wedding meal and wedding cake, as well as other food needs are also planned in advance.  Mackay Bar Ranch will closely plan and coordinate the schedule for your special wedding event.

Travel Arrangements

Your group will meet at Vinegar Creek boat ramp on the main Salmon River via Riggins Idaho for an exciting jet boat excursion.   There is plenty of parking at the boat launch where you and your guests will be whisked (luggage and all) to Mackay Bar Ranch.  Along the way, our coast guard certified jet boat captain will share historical anecdotes along the way, pointing out various landmarks and tales of pioneers in the bygone days along the rugged backcountry wilderness.
HOW TO GET TO THE BOAT LAUNCH:  Starting in Riggins, Idaho travel across the new concrete bridge heading up the Main Salmon River Road. You will stay on this road traveling 26 miles until you reach Vinegar Creek Boat Ramp – this will be the end of the road – you will follow the main Salmon River the entire way, with scenic landscapes to enjoy.   This road is paved for the first 10 miles. It is a winding 26 miles so please allow yourself approximately 1 ½  hours to travel.   We will be waiting for you at the end of the road – you will continue the rest of your journey to Mackay Bar Ranch via jet boat (about an hour jet boat trip to your exclusive destination).


When you book a wedding event at Mackay Bar Ranch, our wedding coordinator will work closely with the bride and/or your event planner to make sure every detail is planned and scheduled.  View our  ‘Sample Wedding Itinerary’  on our main Wedding page to begin assessing the likelihood that Mackay Bar Ranch will become your #1 choice when booking the perfect spot for your wedding ceremony and celebration.


Brides and Wedding Planners!  If Mackay Bar Ranch is the kind of exclusive setting that feels right for the wedding celebration you’re planning, please feel welcome to contact us so that we can answer your initial questions and help you to determine if our beautiful Salmon River Backcountry venue is the perfect location for your special event and your wedding party.   Without a doubt, our focus on the preparations and the experience you and your friends and family will enjoy at this exquisite backcountry location will produce treasured memories.  Guest services are our top priority and when a group is booked at Mackay Bar Ranch, all persons present can experience this intimate and private setting nestled in the Frank Church Wilderness on the shores of the Main Salmon River without intrusion.
Your opinions matter


At Mackay Bar Ranch, we cater to group events that comprise of 12 to 25 persons.   If your group is larger than 25 persons, we can accommodate overflow if members of your group are interested in tent camping on the nice big white sandy beach that sits in front of the main lodge.  Public bathroom and shower facilities are made available for everyone confirmed as a tent camper in your group.

Idaho Backcountry Lodge on the shores of the Main Salmon River near the confluence of the South Fork of the Salmon

Mackay Bar Ranch is an exclusive venue where our guests experience is our  top priority.   Looking for a special retreat or private place for your group event?  We offer a range of  seasonal outdoor recreational activities to entertain in backcountry style.  Mackay Bar Outfitters hosts many group hunts for elk, deer, predators, bear, chukars and other species.     Jet boat fishing trips, jet boat historical tours, & horse trail riding are among the available activities offered.  In addition, a host of outdoor yard games including volleyball, basketball, and other group sports can raise the competitive nature and get people exercising and enjoying team sports.     We’re also putting together a few new custom events to be rolled out in the future such as a Women’s Triple R Retreat,  a Chukar Hunters Tournament, and a Fly Fishing Expedition on the South Fork Salmon River.  Sound interesting?  Let us know by chiming in below!  Your preferences are very important to Mackay Bar Ranch.

Other Fun Group Ideas to Celebrate Friends and Family at Mackay Bar Ranch

  • Family Reunions
  • Corporate Groups
  • Veterans Reunions
  • Travel Groups
  • Spiritual Workshops

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