Mackay Bar Outfitters and Guest Ranch owners Buck and Joni Dewey (and Dax) have put a lot of effort and emphasis on the details of their Spring Bear Hunting Season to ensure quality in every little moment for each of their valued guest hunters.

This experienced, talented husband and wife team are hard working,  conscientious entrepreneurs, committed to pampering their guests. Their primary objective is to produce a high level of satisfaction and a very memorable, exceptional guest experience.

For each and every bear hunter that chooses Mackay Bar Outfitters for top quality adventure, Buck and Joni regard that decision with a high degree of appreciation.

I just want to extend a BIG thank you to all of my hunters. Every bear hunter this spring was an absolute blast to be around and I can’t wait to take them on another adventure in the future!
-Buck Dewey

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For those bear hunters seeking to plan and reserve a Mackay Bar Bear Hunt for the 2014 spring season, Buck and Joni encourage booking your dates in advance, to ensure that you get the time frame reserved that works best for your schedule.

Getting to Mackay Bar Guest Ranch is part of the experience!

Our guests arrive in one of two ways:

By air:  Commercial or private airplanes land on our backcountry airstrip (identification: MCA) located at the confluence of the South Fork and the main Salmon River, 43 NM N.E. of McCall.

By river:  We pickup our guests at the Vinegar Creek boat ramp accessed from Riggins, Idaho and take them on an exciting jetboat excursion (about one hour) to our little slice of backcountry heaven.



Chittum Rapids is the first major rapids when we leave Vinegar Creek.  Especially during spring season, when high water levels in the Salmon River can exceed 50,000 cfs, the jetboat ride back to Mackay Bar Ranch can produce excitement that tends to kick off the hunting adventure with a rush of adrenaline!

Spring Trout Fishing

For Mackay Bar Bear Hunters who want to mix it up a little ~ the Salmon River produces some of the biggest and wildest trout fishing in the US.

99.9% of fish runs in the US are the result of releases from fish hatcheries.  The South Fork of the Salmon River, however, is one of the few rivers in the country with wild native trout runs.

Trout fishing on the South Fork is strictly off the hook – all catch and release.  We catch and release awesome cutthroat, rainbow and dolly varden – bull trout ~ either fly or spinner reel.  After breakfast, we jump on the horses and ride up into south fork canyons.  It’s a steep and tight, remote country, and riders can comfortably look around, letting the horses take you where we’re going.   Once there, we fish all the little pools of water along the South Fork.

For purist trout fishing, or bear hunters seeking a diversion, there is no better place in the world to enjoy the playful and wild trout that run the longest undammed river – The Salmon River – River of No Return.

Spring Bear Hunting Season

In our units at Mackay Bar Outfitters and Guest Ranch  19, 20, 20a bear hunting season ends June 30. Unit 19a ends June 15th

Contact us to plan your Spring Bear Hunt to enjoy a memorable adventure.

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