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Our Idaho back country cougar hunts start in December and aren’t for the weak at heart. We will be fighting the elements in the middle of the Frank Church Wilderness above the Salmon River.  We will also be running rivers that want to freeze, and climbing hills as slick as ice. Around Mackay Bar is the main wintering grounds for all elk and deer within hundreds of square miles, and where there’s elk and deer, there’s the elusive mountain lion.

The majority of our cougar hunts are accommodated by our well-trained and determined hound dogs.  It’s hard traveling but the amount of game makes it worthwhile. We are old traditional houndsmen in the fact that we only harvest mature toms. Mountain lions don’t reproduce all that quickly. Females can keep their young for up to two years and when a big tom comes in the area he may kill her young. For that reason we feel it is important to take only mature toms. If you are seeking a true trophy mountain lion, a guided Mackay Bar cougar hunt is the adventure for you!


December 2nd – December 9th
January 27- February 3rd
February 5th – February 12th

  • Hunt wolves along with your mountain lion hunt
  • A backcountry flight into Mackay Bar’s private airstrip is required (at an additional cost) to get hunters in/out of the ranch in Winter
  • We have a great opportunity to chase a bobcat on these hunts as well!
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