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Mother Earths Wedding Cathedral is at Mackay Bar Ranch

Making Wedding Memories at Mackay Bar Ranch

The Frank Church Wilderness Wedding Bells rang throughout the summer season at Mackay Bar Ranch. The melodies of love, loyalty and togetherness sing through the hills, ridges, trees and canyons whenever we celebrate the ceremony of a group of guests, on behalf of a couple, ready to tie the knot. And thats what Bill

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If you’re seeking a guided bear hunt in Idaho’s Salmon River backcountry, Mackay Bar Outfitters can push your potential for physical endurance, challenging the “beast” within, and increasing the odds …

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10 Top Reasons To Choose Mackay Bar Ranch For Your Annual Corporate Meeting Venue

Especially for Idaho Corporate meeting and incentive programs, Mackay Bar Ranch offers an idyllic setting for your groups to build morale and team spirit. Companies …

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Fly Fishing Zen on the South Fork of the Salmon River

Fly fishing is a passion for some,  and a hard core, competitive sport for others. Whatever score you keep when it comes to your love …

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Early Spring Steelhead Run

FISH ON! They’re Full of Vigor! Salmon River Winter Steelhead season starts mid February through the end of March!   Periodic Sunshine and intermingled warmer …

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Avoiding Crowded Summer Vacation Destinations? Opt for an Idaho Backcountry Venue on the shores of the Salmon River

Mackay Bar Ranch is, by “nature”,  a social distancing vacation destination where You don’t have to sacrifice creature comforts (like hot showers, stylish comfort & …

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Best Off-Road Backcountry Idaho Lodges & Resorts

If you explore the great outdoors at all, you already know some of the best places on earth are far beyond the road’s end. Hidden in …

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Motor-ize Your Way Into Idaho’s Salmon River Backcountry

Attention ATV & UTV and JEEP Trail Riders! Do you and your friends SEEK TO ENJOY the fun and camaraderie of a GROUP RIDE into …

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DESTINATION WEDDING VENUE :: Idaho Backcountry Wilderness Ranch

Considering a Backcountry Wedding Venue? Mackay Bar Ranch Might Be The Quintessential Setting For Your Bridal Event! Like a first kiss, a brides’ wedding day …

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