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Extreme Wolf Cougar Combo Hunt (and Fishing Too!)

A friend and I booked an “extreme” Cougar/Wolf hunt with Buck and Joni Dewey at Mackay Bar Ranch for the Spring (March) of 2015. This was not done lightly as I had “interviewed” the Dewey’s and Mackay Bar with two shorter visits prior to the Cougar/Wolf hunt. My friend and

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THE BEST PLACE You’ve Never Visited!

Have you daydreamed for eons, about organizing a treasured adventure with the spouse and kids, parents, grandparents, busy siblings and your kids cousins, as well as other beloved family members. Mackay Bar Ranch offers a family friendly destination where the rubber, concrete, and gravel, meets Mother Earth in all of her radiance. WE OFFER A

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Steelhead Fishing Gallery

Early Spring Steelhead Run

FISH ON! They’re Full of Vigor! Salmon River Winter Steelhead season starts mid February through the end of March!   Periodic Sunshine and intermingled warmer days,  mean the steelhead come out of their deep dark river holes and are bursting with energy! First the ice breaks up on the Salmon River.  When

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Fly Fishing Zen on the South Fork of the Salmon River

Fly fishing is a passion for some,  and a hard core, competitive sport for others. Whatever score you keep when it comes to your love for fly fishing, don’t miss out.   One of the most unique, wilderness oriented fly fishing opportunities in the world starts at Mackay Bar Ranch and

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Girls on Tour

To Buck, Joni and Dax, Well done guys!! You are onto something big here. Not only do you have the most amazing spot, surrounded by natural beauty, the accommodations clean, the food excellent, the adventure trips full of excitement, adrenalin, fun and laughter…. I noted an aura wrapped around your

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