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Mackay Bar Ranch is on the Salmon River

Best Off-Road Backcountry Idaho Lodges & Resorts

If you explore the great outdoors at all, you already know some of the best places on earth are far beyond the road’s end. Hidden in the folds of our beautiful state of Idaho are oases that miraculously meld creature comforts with authentic wilderness experiences. One of the best off-road, backcountry

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Our Hidden Gem. How We Celebrate Idaho!

Most will agree that Idaho is truly a hidden gem and a place to enjoy monumental outdoor opportunities. We’ve also got high mountain peaks, lots of rivers and recreational opportunities.  Well, so do lots of other states.   We have potatoes too, and thats a commodity Idaho is well known for

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Corporate Planners Award Salmon River Backcountry Adventure For Top Earners

  On a clear, sunny day in Central Idaho, muffled voices are heard in the distance, as jet boat engines roar through the chop of river rapids …

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Fly or Spin Fishermen! Idaho’s Frank Church saved the best for you!

Idaho’s Frank Church saved the best for you! If you’re savoring the chance for mountain fishing for cutthroat, rainbow and bull trout, or backcountry jet boat fishing …

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Groups Experience Idaho’s Frank Church Wilderness In Pampered Comfort

When groups visit Mackay Bar Ranch, each member of the group is greeted with warm hospitality and smiles.   Guests are shown to their private cabins …

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Girls on Tour

To Buck, Joni and Dax, Well done guys!! You are onto something big here. Not only do you have the most amazing spot, surrounded by …

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Extreme Bear Hunts: Challenging the “Beast” Within

Are you looking for a bear hunt that will push your potential for physical endurance, challenging the “beast” within, and increasing the odds for a big trophy …

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Building in the Backcountry: Part 1 of 6 [GUEST CABIN UPGRADE]

As owners of Mackay Bar Outfitters & Guest Ranch, we are very accustomed to the challenges of building and upgrading structures on our property here …

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Making Wedding Memories at Mackay Bar Ranch

The Frank Church Wilderness Wedding Bells rang throughout the summer season at Mackay Bar Ranch. The melodies of love, loyalty and togetherness sing through the hills, ridges, trees …

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Brides-To-Be! If you’re researching “Best Outdoor Wedding Venues” check out this enchanting location!

Are you in the midst of planning a wedding for the coming year or beyond? If so, you’ll definitely want to investigate the enchantment that …

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