Maybe you’ve pondered this question:

Would an Idaho backcountry wilderness ranch be the right vacation destination for my family?

Some of our best laid plans include a list of high priority goals detailing what we want out of life, including the number of vacation days we desire to take with our family members, and a bucket list of preferred destinations.

The standard metro based, rural, cruiseline or international ports of call selected by mainstream travelers offer plenty of options and activities that provide ample entertainment for the entire family: varied landscapes, interesting cultures and sampled cuisine.

On the flipside, planning and following through with a backcountry wilderness vacation has the capacity to heighten the senses and unleash our potential for expanded boundary lines.

Salmon River Guest Ranch

Mackay Bar Ranch is a backcountry wilderness ranch located on the shores of Idaho’s Main Salmon River and nestled in the embrace of the Frank Church “River of No Return” Wilderness. Access to this exclusive backcountry ranch is limited. Most guests arrive at Mackay Bar via a 25 mile jet boat excursion that begins at Vinegar Creek Boat Launch, located 22 miles from Riggins, ID. The untamed, rugged beauty of the Salmon River begins your journey to a world far removed from anything familiar.

Family time spent togetherWhen you arrive at Mackay Bar, the complex world of rapid fire, attention grabbing distractions dependent on wired connections, already seems a distant memory. Your escape plan materializes as you and your family members step off the jet boat onto our white sandy beach, already lulled into a relaxing state of mind by the pristine beauty that surrounds you.

In your desire to venture off the beaten path, the moment of truth unfolds before your eyes. Friendly, helpful staff guide you to your comfortable lodgings to unpack, relax, and to explore your new surroundings.

A family vacation or planned family reunion at Mackay Bar Ranch has proven time and time again to enrich family ties, strengthen relationships, and mark the time spent together with defining moments that have become treasured memories.

Far and above the ordinary, Mackay Bar Ranch cultivates a rich sense of family bonding and rekindled connections. Together, we plan and craft your family’s exclusive stay with home cooked meals in the main lodge, and fun activities that can include horseback trail rides, fishing, hikes, wildlife sightings, and historical jet boat tours.

Volleyball on the beach

Breaking into teams, some families enjoy a brisk volleyball tournament, basketball, or more leisurely games of croquet or horseshoes.

Spend quiet time with the family on the beach, soaking in some warm sunshine and swimming. Spoil yourself with a good book and a nap before dinner. At nightfall,  starry skies and the soft lull of the river flowing by, offer the perfect backdrop for a warm camp fire, roasted marshmellows, your favorite beverages and the tales that are shared among you.

Families often find themselves asking pertinent questions to assess the relative factors involved in planning a Mackay Bar adventure. Not only is there a need to consider the right clothing for a climate that may be unfamiliar, but more sacred than anything else today is the question resembling a giant elephant in the room: will my kids, spouse and I survive without our digital connections? After all, our wired lifestyles and devices have practically morphed into matters of equal importance with the air that we breath. Only you and your family can answer that question, but we urge a conversation among family members to work out the fears and step bravely through a brief span of time, trying out new experiences.

Family reunions are good for kids

The decision to choose a family vacation destination like Mackay Bar Ranch is best determined when considering a range of criteria and values that suit you and your family best. Do your family vacation goals usher in a higher set of values where the focus is less on individual entertainment, and more on celebrating togetherness, laughing and having fun, and enhancing family connections?

Mackay Bar Ranch is available to reserve as your family’s exclusive oasis. We invite you to explore our website to learn more about Mackay Bar Outfitters and Guest Ranch.

When you’re ready, call us to ask questions and to consider our Idaho backcountry wilderness ranch for your next summertime family reunion or family vacation destination.

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