Mackay Bar Ranch collaborates with Idaho Vendors to celebrate what Idaho has to offer.

Most will agree that Idaho is truly a hidden gem and a place to enjoy monumental outdoor opportunities.

We’ve also got high mountain peaks, lots of rivers and recreational opportunities.  Well, so do lots of other states.   We have potatoes too, and thats a commodity Idaho is well known for sure!

But what really sets Idaho apart is the vastness of our backcountry terrain.   Idaho CAN boast of its status as one of the last wild frontiers.

In comparison with the congested populations in other parts of the United States, people living in Idaho number far fewer when one compares the total land mass with the overall populations.  That means lots of space and a quality of life that is second to none.

Our hidden gem is no longer a secret though.   As reported in recent months, Idaho now ranks among the fastest growing states in the west.   Perhaps its a telltale sign of the natural migration of humans from clostrophobic urban cities packed with traffic, crimes, noise, and lots of people to less crowded places where families can seek a higher quality of life.

Here in Idaho, you can really “get away” from it all.  Especially outside of our capital city, Boise, its a hop, skip and a jump to mountain trails and backcountry hideaways.  Camping is a popular family pastime, but you have to pack the food, the gear, and cook, clean and then when you get home, put it all away.

For those who love the peace and serenity of a backcountry Idaho setting without “roughing it”, escaping to an oasis of fun, great times, outdoor recreation, Idaho’s Mackay Bar Outfitters and Guest Ranch is the choice for many.   Families and traveling groups love the five star wilderness experience offered by Mackay Bar Ranch.

We cater to groups of 6 to 22 and seasonally, during warmer months,  we can accommodate slightly larger groups.

Whether you reserve Mackay Bar Ranch for an exclusive family reunion gathering, special event groups, corporate goodwill groups, wedding groups or other unique groups, Mackay Bar Ranch is ALL-IN when it comes to creating an amazing, unforgettable experience for all ages that benefits every single person in your group.

In addition to a remote location on the shores of the Salmon River in the Frank Church Wilderness, with stunning scenery, wildlife, recreation, lodging and hot home cooked meals that our guests rave about, Mackay Bar Ranch regularly celebrates Idaho through collaborations with other Idaho businesses that we identify are reflective of the same quality and standards that we love to exemplify.

For the purpose of this topic, we’ll dive into a few examples of the ways Mackay Bar Ranch celebrates Idaho and Idaho Businesses.


July 6th-8th Mackay Bar Ranch has scheduled our “First Annual Couples Only” event where Sawtooth Winery – An Idaho Wine Company is a big focus.   We’re calling this event our “Backcountry Wine Tasting, History and Hot Springs Rendezvous” and during this event, guests will spend a luscious “all inclusive” weekend sipping wines from Sawtooth Winery.  Among the activities, fun and great food, a private wine sommelier will be present to help with wine pairing and tasting throughout the weekend.   We’re so excited about this special event and look forward to hosting other similar events in the future.

Food & Wine magazine published a recent article titled “America’s Next Must-Visit Wine Region Is Where You’d Least Expect It“.   The article beckons would-be wine connoisseurs to put focus on this new wine frontier and “why you should go to Idaho to drink wine”.    Writer Margaret Shakespeare puts claim to the idea that “Idaho is home to 52 wineries already, with more on the way. The grape-loving soils, altitude and climate have made the Snake River Valley the next must-go-see-taste wine destination in the country.”    Included in that feature article is Idaho’s Sawtooth Winery Estate.

Visit the Sawtooth Winery Tasting Room or make plans to learn more about Idaho:  The New Wine Frontier.

located in Riggins IdahoOpen:  daily, 11 AM-5 p.m. $10, waived with bottle purchase.
19348 Lowell Road  Building C, Caldwell, Idaho


Guests arriving in Riggins, Idaho to begin their adventures with Mackay Bar Ranch should check out Two Rivers Coffee Roasters – Riggins Idaho.   As an option, you might want to fuel up on their excellent coffee and beverages before the 26 mile drive along the beautiful Salmon River, to your destination at Vinegar Creek Boat Ramp where our jet boats transport you to the shores of Mackay Bar Ranch.    Two Rivers Coffee is the exclusive brand of coffee we serve in our Main Lodge and it definitely is a coffee lovers brew.

September Rafting Group hosted at Mackay Bar Ranch
Canyons River Company


Another one of our celebration of Idaho collaborations continues in September in concert with rafting outfitters from Canyons River Company – Main Salmon River Destination.

2018 will represent the 3rd year for a large group of rafters with Canyons River Company, scheduled to spend their last overnight of the 6 day adventure, hosted at Mackay Bar Ranch.   Topping off a 5 day stretch on the Salmon River at Mackay Bar Ranch transitions rafters from raw, river wilderness to a cozy, pampered wilderness experience.   They get to enjoy a hot shower, a hot home cooked dinner in our stylish main lodge (and hot breakfast the next morning)  along with a real bed to dream about the memorable moments they’ve experienced thus far on the “River of No Return”.    Going from backcountry river adventures to pampered luxury is highly rated among the rafting group guests and we’re absolutely thrilled to collaborate with this quality rafting outfitter to elevate the experience of their group.

Want to experience a rafting adventure with Canyons River Company with a stop at Mackay Bar Ranch in 2019 or beyond?   Contact this quality outfitter to arrange your future adventures and be sure to request a trip that stops for the last night at Mackay Bar Ranch!

Canyons River Company
McCall, ID 83638
Phone: (208) 634-4303

If you have questions about our Idaho collaborations or you would like to get signed up to bring your family group, friends group or corporate group to our little slice of Idaho heaven at Mackay Bar Ranch, reach out to us.

We look forward to connecting with you soon.

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