Bear Hunts



Our Idaho Spring Bear hunting starts April 15th and goes until June 30th.

Bear hunting with Mackay Bar Outfitters and Guest Ranch is likely one of the most versatile bear hunts in North America. We offer 4 different kinds of bear hunts: spot and stalk, bait, boat and glass, and running with the hounds. In our area each of these can be very successful hunts. Glassing from the boat and bait are probably the least physical, then spot and stalk and the most extreme bear hunt, chasing bears with hounds. There is a bear hunt for everyone!

A great opportunity with hunting in Idaho is that a non-resident general season deer or elk tag can also be used as a bear, grey wolf or a cougar tag.

Bear hunting along with any of our other ranch hunts makes for a great opportunity to bring your family where they can either join in on the hunt or stay at the lodge where they can relax and enjoy the day to day activities at Mackay Bar Outfitters and Guest Ranch.

In our hunting unit, you can get two bear tags. Our hunting units are especially known for color phase bears.

Another Idaho bear hunting adventure is to do a bear/fishing combo hunt through the month of April.  We are able to host large bear hunting groups seeing how most of our hunts are based right out of our guest ranch. From our high mountain peaks to the orchards on the Salmon River, there is a perfect Idaho bear hunt for everyone.

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